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Eulogy Writer: My Story

In March 2012 my father passed away from Cancer. I’ve always been comfortable when it comes to public speaking and I hadn’t a second thought when it came to the funeral arrangements that I would give the eulogy. It was only when my family seemed quite surprised that I wanted to do it that I began to realise what a difficult thing it was going to be. Sure enough when it came to the actual delivery of the speech there was no doubt that it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. However although it was tremendously sad, it was also tremendously pride making. The fact that I was able to stand up in front of a packed church and tell my Dad’s closest friends and family how I felt about him was something I’ll always be glad that I did.

That speech had something of an impact on the audience. Soon after I was invited to speak at several further funerals and memorial services by friends and family. I was delighted and honoured to help. But things went a stage further when I was approached by a to write a eulogy for a stranger. A colleague of mine was asked to give the tribute at her sister’s funeral. Not being comfortable with writing or delivering speeches herself she wanted me to write the eulogy for her and coach her in the delivery. Initially I was a little hesitant. A eulogy is such a personal thing, how could I write it about someone I didn’t know? But wanting to help we met for a briefing.

We chatted for about an hour about what my colleague wanted to say about her sister and how she wanted to say it. In that short time I was able to establish the key anecdotes which really illustrated her sister’s life and get a flavour of the kind of person she was. When it came to the writing process the words came easily and I put a draft together within a day. My colleague was delighted with the work and was really grateful that she’d had the weight of writing a speech lifted from her shoulders. This experience inspired me to create the eulogy writer website. I found using my skills to help people at one of the most difficult moments in their lives extremely rewarding and wanted to extend the offer to more people.

About Me

eulogy writerI am a media producer with a background in Television. I’ve worked for the BBC and Channel 4 amongst others. Throughout my career in media the thing I’ve always liked doing the most, and the thing I’ve always been the best at, is writing the script. I have a talent for writing things that other people are going to say to an audience. In other words I’m good at finding people’s voices for them.

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Pete Walter